They can be used at The Owls Nest coffee shop, Gladfelter Dining Hall or Cowpie Cafe. Additional Flex Dollars (for all dining plans) can be added online, at the Gladfelter cash register,  or by contacting Dining Services through Email.

Sage Dollars may only be used at Sage Cafe.  Additional Sage Dollars can be purchased through the WWC Accounting Office at (828) 771-2062.

If you live on campus, purchase your meal plan through the Campus Housing, they can be contacted at (828) 771-5813 or Email. If you live off-campus or are an employee of WWC,  visit our website or contact the Dining Office at 828-298-1041 email.

Be sure to make arrangements to meet with the General Manager, Brian O'Loughlin or Executive Chef, Len Vertefeuille, so we are able to accomodate you. 

Call ahead to Dining Services and ask for a bag lunch or dinner. Please be sure to make arrangements at least 48 hours in advance. We are happy to accommodate almost all needs of plan participants. 

Access Controls (located in FMTS) will help you get a Dining Card/Student ID.